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O.P I'm sorry but this issue will likely never change.

There will always be scrubs who run in pre-mades because they can't cut it solo and feel they have to win. There will always be victims of pre-mades and the egomaniacs who roll in them and there will always be those same scrubs screaming about why it's important that they keep winning and thus why the game must have pre-mades.

If you can't handle the unskilled scrubs and their pre-mades then change servers. Oh wait, they're on every server. Well then I guess you're buggered and there's nothing you can do about it. Quit the game I guess.

There's zero point to complaining about it to the administrators, who will not listen to you, because they couldn't care less about whether or not you enjoy the game so long as they're profiting from it. They're the people you should probably be the most upset with as they've allowed the scrubs to roll in their pre-mades for this long.

At the end of the day I hope you find satisfaction in understanding the same thing that I do. Every time you get killed by a pre-made simply remember they're doing it because they know, as you should, that they haven't a hope in hell of taking you out on their own.

The alpha male hunts alone and enjoys the spoils of its kills without need to share because he took down the prey alone.

Smaller/weaker scavengers hunt in packs.

In short O.P, if you come across a pre-made just leave the match and get out of the war zone rotation they're in or switch to a character in another war zone bracket.
whines on an internet forum about how unfair people playing with their friends is, thinks hes an alpha male. You can't make this sort of stuff up.

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