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Originally Posted by Silvafox
I am finding when my listings expire I get a mail message in my inbox telling me that it has expired and my item and deposit are being returned.

The deposit is attached BUT my item is NOT returned/attached !!

This is a major problem obviously. I cannot afford to post items for sale and have them VAPORIZED if they fail to sell.

Quote: Originally Posted by Forkrul View Post
Never had that issue myself, I always get the item back as a part of that mail.

But they REALLY need to make the GTN more user friendly. What we have now is a train wreck.

I had three such expired listings this AM. I hoped perhaps if I took the deposit out it would throw the item into my inventory or something, but it didn't (inventory was empty except for a few medpacks). After trying that twice I left the third one just as I received it and submitted a ticket to investigate.

I'm not upset, hiccups in a new MMO are expected, but obviously I will not be using the trade network under these circumstances. It is *broken*.
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