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Here is the selection you requested from that YouTube video.
...edit: give me a little bit.

OK. Was there anything in particular you wanted me to do with this music?

039D51E3_5496703C1BF6F6BD - .wav format
039D51E3_5496703C1BF6F6BD - .mp3 format

I now have probably ~50,000 audio files from my Steam games, and most of that is from Star Wars games. As I thought, some longer durations of the selections SWTOR uses can be heard, but there are also similar excerpts used in other games. The most exciting collection I found so far is with Star Wars: Republic Commando. Some of these games, especially the older ones, have lesser audio sampling rates, which would be very noticeable in a suite including recordings at other sampling rates.

I have some other ideas now besides suites, and suites contain a variety of musical themes. Instead of a suite, I could have a side-by-side collage of similar music tracks from different games. I could do this as a YouTube video. One example would be the closing Star Wars theme, which is an extended in duration compared to the opening theme. I would have some representative picture or gameplay footage from each game while the main theme as used in that game plays, each Star Wars game in sequence. Then again, come to think of it, that could actually be pointless. That calls for experimentation.

I have been converting the audio files into proper .wav format, and some of it is very tricky, and I have had much help from third-party programs that convert between various file formats. Basically, I've been extracting the music files from various Star Wars games and fixing them up, often by hand using a hex editor. I've written my fair share of .bat batch files in this task of compiling all the Star Wars game music I can get my mouse cursor on. I still have to use Goldwave or some similar program like VGMStream to convert about 30,000 more audio files from their compressed format to a nice 'ol linear Pulse Code Module (PCM) "chunkify me, cap'n" RIFF-boxed format. Sounds like Captain Crunch, I mean, Captain Chunk, is Microsoft's favorite cereal.


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I'm updating the music so that I use the current number of audio files in the game.
There are several hundred additional music tracks compared to those in the March 2013 version of SWTOR.