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so with 20% armor debuff and 500k HPs applyed at dummy all classes are at the same lvl? (without counting ispiration)
Falver, the organiser of this thread, has decided to set the standard of 1 million with armour debuff to compare the dps between classes, so that's where you should look to see how the various classes will do. So far merc pyros (and mandos, I'd presume, but no parses from them yet) are the undisputed winners, having already reached 4k dps. Hybrid slingers continue with their high numbers. Annihilation marauders, lethality operatives and lightning sorcerers are seeing some positive, and significant, changes. Carnage marauders are doing better, but not the the extent of the previously mentioned specs. Same with marksman snipers, it seems. Although there's only really one assassin/shadow dps posting some really good numbers, he has proven what numbers they can achieve. Guardians/Juggs will probably see a small change due to execute phase, whereas arsenal mercs will remain unchanged. Not seen vanguard/powertech parses yet (be it hybrid or not). Same with madness sorc.

My overall impression is that melee is not where they should be, given the fact that they should generally doing more damage due to having to deal with more mechanics and movement. DF and DP certainly do not deviate from the melee unfriendly attitude. Fact of the matter is, however, that it is the ranged classes generally dominating the leaderboards. Annihilation may compete with MM snipers/slingers and lightning sorcs, but there's no chance they will be able to compete with pyro mercs.

Obviously there will be some differences in actual boss fights, but on average the ranged classes reign supreme. There's obviously players that can deal significant damage as melee, but in a lot of fights they have less uptime than ranged. Knight/warrior is the only class with a charge ability that closes distance. Socundrel/operative can do it, but at a significant energy cost. Shadow/sin can use force speed, but not nearly as effective, in my opinion. So in general I feel BW have some serious balance issues to correct. Dummy parsing should heavily favour all melee classes over ranged, not the opposite.
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