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Let's face it guys, ninja looting is an absolute pain in the a**e. One simple way to help (help not completely solve) is to introduce a gear looting system similar to endgame WoW. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept I shall outline it:
A character can only need on an item if it's armour type and stats match up with their character. For example a Sentinal/Marauder can need on medium strength armour because that is what it needs. A Guardian/Jugg could not however because they use heavy armour.

The idea behind it is to stop captain buttface who, for our example, is a sorc dps, needing on medium/heavy items or double bladed sabres/guns or even strength based single blade sabres as they are not of direct use.

Just curious as to what people's opinions on a loot system would be, although I'm clueless as to how they would allow need/greed for craft supplies like MMGs
yeah I agree with the armor thing, I only roll for stuff I need. Though I have some questions. First, sometimes in flashpoints a gear is looted that matches up with no one in your group, what then? who gets it? for example everyone in that group uses light or heavy armor and a piece of smuggler gear is looted, who will get it if no one can roll for it? Also, sometimes I have been accused of being a ninja, I rolled on gear I needed, but got all the bounty hunter gear, the other guy who was more geared than I was got butthurt and voted me out of the flashpoint and later trashed me saying " this guy ninjaed all the loot" made me have to log off due to all the whispers of " you suck" from half the fleet, couldn't even get a group to run the flashpoint with me that day because they all thought I was a thief. What prevents people from calling me a ninja is that case? I mean seriously, the moron had better gear than me, stats proved it, I had to gear up because I was behind, and I won the rolls fairly, what did I do wrong? I said this story to show a real instance ( seriously a year ago this happened) where some people take legitimate cases like you described with the sorcerer rolling on heavy armor, and use the term to ruin anyone they don't like, McCarthyism ring any bells? Last thing, I don't think there should be any restrictions on rolling for non statted items like that dread mask that drops from the Dreadtooth world boss, I know a guy who was accused of ninjaing that thing because he won the roll and happened to be group leader, he got trashed for months in fleet chat I found out what happened and sided with him, he pressed need like everyone else, fought for it like everyone else, if he won the roll he deserved it.

Anyway I support the idea you got, but there should probably be no restriction on items with either no stats like that mask which was a shell, and there should not be restrictions on stuff like that pleasure speeder music transceiver that drops from Toborros Courtyard.
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