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OP has a point. This RNG loot distribution system sucks. I've given up ever completing set bonuses because RNG sucks so bad and the raid politics around key gear creates way too much tension. I get the comm gear and min max from GTN. I still lol at how uptight people get about the relic at 2nd boss in TfB. Just buy them. Its a quality of life thing^^.

But, honestly, that we have to forego set bonuses because of sucky RNG is just a joke.
why do people get uptight about the relic?

I mean... you can get the damn things as a quest reward from dread fortress, and another from dread palace O_O (or if you are rich - it can be crafted)

I do love my guild's policy on set bonus pieces. you get one per operation, unless no one else needs another, then you might get two. kept all my active 55ves in bonuses so far.