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UR is better than endure pain, but similar purpose. UR will get nerfed with the healing so this will not be true anymore.are you serious? run to a sniper using cloak and run to a sniper using saber reflect. there is a difference and i wouldnt even compare saber reflect to CoP, more to endless ragenot everyone can instant leap to you and it heals you and gives protection. you are not using stealth to escape, but to attack again and intercede isnt an escape always. but if i could choose, i would take the stealth.shield and better armor against all attacks with exceptions. slight win for 30 aoe thoughno. 30 reduction is great for a dps to throw out, you cant compare that to CT. i would say the taunts. and dont tell me that you use bt and predation so often when you need berserk for shockwave. thought we are comparing rage specs. did you know that veng gets the root too. btw, you forgot unstoppable. but lets stay with rage spec.with the shield about 10 percent more mitigation?

off tanking isnt needed? so why so much complaining about PT in ion who guard?
i see much more purpose of taunts in arenas than warzones. and why should you be the focus target when you taunt?! its not pve.
after the nerf jugg and mara will be quite even. i still prefer my jugg because i can handle him better and feel more valuable in some situations with taunt and stance switching. with my mara i always have the feeling i run around with a sign "hit me". when people see 2 sabers they get aggressive :-)
"Off tanking" would be someone who wasn't main tanking doing tanky stuff. We don't even let tanks do tanky stuff in the current meta. What I'm saying is, if we have an AP/Ion PT on our team, why would I taunt someone when they can do it themself? For the couple seconds where they may not have a taunt up so I can become the sole target of the entire enemy team on my already squishy class? (FYI, a good team will target a squishy DPS every time if their damage is reduced by 30% on any other target, it might as well be PvE)

Jugg DPS utility is worthless in arenas unless you're solo queueing and happen to be the only tank capable class. Although you're still going to get bursted down ASAP. Every true melee class has an "oh, shiz" button except Jugg. Mara: UR, Sin and Op: stealth out. PT can kite like a boss, they don't have to stay in melee range to do damage if they are being focused. I don't stance swap in arenas, I'd just die faster and drop the amount of damage I can do significantly. Carnage Mara> Vengeance Jugg, Rage Mara> Rage Jugg. There is just no reason to take a Jugg when a Mara can do better and live longer.

Also, what shield are you talking about in the part I highlighted?
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