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I turned off V-Sync and didn't really notice a difference other than there not being an FPS cap and it sometimes going up to 110 for no reason. It was still 30 - 50 FPS in warzones. I have never seen my GPU load go over 50 percent while playing this that's concerning as well.

More importantly though, now that I know what the colors mean for the fps in game reading, it is always red. So I guess this means its my GPU that sn't rendering up to par with my CPU.
It goes to 110 because V-Sync removes the FPS limit (60 by default). It will max load your components until one of them bottle-necks the other.

But yea, SWTOR's coding is still bad. I can see my FPS spike as well randomly even though my GPU is 70-80% loaded. My CPU though is at a constant 30-40% at Ultra settings. i5-2500 like i said before it a very good CPU and you should only consider your GPU for upgrades if you want to upgrade.