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So much blah in this tread...
1st of all, FPS limitation is easy checked on populated zone at fleet - just try with low and high graphic settings - if there is no difference in FPS - you are limited by CPU, if there is large one - from GPU.
1 GB VRAM is not good above 1920x1080 (1200) ... GPU by itself may not be overloaded but some of textures will go to system ram - slow due to transfers.
Windows 8 is optimized 7 ... all that crap about it is just because interface is different, already tested - performance is at least same.

OP PC seems capable at whole but there may be some things to check.
- Temperatures - overheat means dropping performance (automatically) to keep system safe.
- PSU - bad or low power one will limit CPU & GPU performance.
- Direct X 9 (Windows Vista, 7 & 8 have no full DX9, they rely on 10/11) - SWTOR is fully Direct X 9 - go to Microsoft site and download Direct X 9 redistributable ... install it.
- VC++ & .Net - update them or install full packs from Microsoft.
- HDD load - SWTOR engine have too much HDD load - DiscCasheArena is like Windows swap file, all effect data is taken from files on HDD (due to RAM limitations of 32 bits processes) & so on. Even simple loading of DiscCasheArena in RamDrive (Unleashed with only this in RAM have no issues on game updates) affect delays measurable. SSD make some things very different but it is not a cheap toy.
- Bloatware, torrents, browsers and browser objects + adobe plugins - up to 50% difference on some systems.
- GPU with 2 GB DDR5 VRAM
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