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so, this thread is essentially pointless now. nice
This thread was pointless from the moment that KBN decided to use the wrong armor penetration formula... so from its time of posting. I tried to turn it around but he has tactically ignored our work.

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The calculations are fairly easy to verify in part. Once we're done with the Vanguard/Powertech numbers, it will be pretty easy to verify their value quite precisely simply by parsing with an armor debuff. In any case…

If you would like to point out specific flaws in the math we're using, please feel free. That's why this is a thread. Otherwise, posting that you're considering all this work invalid until you see combat log verification is extremely counter-productive and borderline ignorant. All theory crafting proceeds in the manner we have followed, and it does so because statistical models are much smoother and produce far more precise results than practical testing. Of course, if theory crafting fails to predict actual bosses, then naturally the work is useless, but the point of good theory crafting is to account for all factors in a smooth, stochastic environment. If you can show that we have failed to account for the factors involved in a statistically sound manner, then please do so and we will adjust the work. Otherwise, randomly sniping the math just because it's math is not welcome.