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Thanks, this is the sort of information I was looking for.

Star Wars for me is a completely different kettle of fish from other MMO's. I've played every role other than healer to a raiding capacity on games like warcraft and I always seem to migrate towards a ranged dps character.
Tanked for a while in warcraft but ultimately ended up a warlock as I like to survey whats going on in fights.

However it just seems like such a travesty to play a game where you have the option of using the force and carrying a lightsaber. Which then leaves considering a sage or a sorcerer which appeals because strangely enough I actually like healing in this game. On the other hand you won't be beating people down with that saber on these classes.
The HOT's and instants on operatives is great for pvp, played a lot of it on my operative, I also enoy the animations on that better than the scoundrel including the knife fighting over the pistol and shotgun. It just has a brutal feeling about it.
I think animations certainly make a difference too, the sith warrior has a fantastic style with their lightsaber of brutality and malice, there seems to be so much anger in their fighting style whereas the jedi is about guile smooth transitions through the technique.
I get the feeling that because pvp is based around burst, instants and movement/escapes the commando/merc healer doesn't quite perform as well? But surely enjoys increased survivability with the heavy armor?

Its been a long time since a game came out where I like every class and every advanced class in some form. The dps/healer and tank/healer options make it very versatile. And the companion system allowing you to level as a healer is really great.
I have a level 45 gunslinger and a 49 sniper which I enjoy, but limiting myself to one role is their only downfall.

So as long as I can resist the urge to layeth the smacketh down with a lightsaber a ranged is always going to suit my playstyle better, and wanting to have an option to be a healer leaves me with:
Commando/Merc/Sorc (not the sage, don;t like the animations) and I guess my operative as it does have some ranged play.
Druid anyone? lol