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All classes can hold their own in end-game and there will be very few guilds declining a good player based on class. I'd focus more on which role you'll want to fulfill (Healer, Tank, rDPS, mDPS) and look at the kind of utility you'd enjoy in PvP (such as off-heals, stealth, taunts) and go from there. Each class is quite unique and there must be one that fits your playstyle the most! Besides, slow as it might be, meta's shift and classes fall in and out of favour.

As for popularity, I get around Sentinel/Maurauder DPS the most in PvP aslong with their Guardian/Juggernaut sister-class in Focus/Rage spec and who can blame them, bursty AoE damage plus good survivability? Yes-please. The Scoundrel/Operative healer is also seen a lot, once again for good reason. They sport a lot of instants, have an easy resource system aswell as good healing in their HoTs. Currently by far the strongest PvP-healer. Tanks... ye Hybrid Vanguard/Powertech I think; decent DPS with enough survivability for Guard, even as full tank they sport nice abilities to help the group. But this doesn't mean these classes are played exclusively and others can't perform.

For PvE I mainly see Guardian/Juggernaut Tanks, though all Tanks have their ups and downs. Healer-wise I see anything on regular basis, except Commando/Mercanary, they seem to be quite rare on my server, I do see tons of Commando/Mercanary DPS, still figuring out why they're so immensly popular. but all classes seem to be played quite a bit. Except Scoundrel/Operative DPS, I've only seem two in seven months in PvE (not including myself, I quite love my Scoundrel/Operative's DPS.)

Role-wise Tank is most likely the rarest, followed by Healer and lastly Damage, for PvE atleast.

TL;DR: Hardly any guild will decline a good player based on class, meta's shift, all classes are played quite a bit.
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