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hello guys, finally getting a bit of time back into my life to enjoy a bit of MMO play.

I played SWTOR ages ago when it was first released on and off, and to be honest spent most of my time in battlegrounds.
I don't think I did more than one or two flashpoints and definitely nothing later on.

I have quite a few characters I could play, ranging up to level 50, most sitting around late 30's and 40's. Literally got almost one of everything except for a mercenary, vanguard, juggernaught and shadow.
Don't mind starting again for the right class.

Basically I don't want to play a character which is overpopulated. I don't mind which side I go, republic or empire.

As I've stated a love a bit of pvp, but I also want a character which guilds are looking for in the end game.

End game being the priority really, but I'd rather not go into PvP and find i'm more useful as a long stand!!

What classes are in short supply and why? Why do guilds need them?

I don't think there are any advanced classes that are in particular short supply really (Certainly on PVE servers anyway) and once they all get to high level they pretty much balance each other out in PVE, I would not say one particular class overpowers the others.

PVP not so sure of as dont really do it myself. My advise would be to start leveling up the different classes you have and find out which one suits you're style best and stick with it end game, it comes down to you're play style really and what suits really.