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Side note: My LS warrior was deeply disappointed with Jaesa. When he first met her by holo, he thought she has strength of character, but that idea was quashed on meeting her.
Ya, I thought Jaesa had guts too when she first contacted my Sith Warrior and said that she wants to meet him alone in a starship to solve the conflict. Then I was very disappointed to find that she only contacted me because Norman Karr told her, to set up a trap in attempt to kill me with 2 Jedi Knights. She just does what others tell her to, as long as she feels that they are connected to her.

Kira, on the other hand, takes no crap from anybody, and has the skills, cunning, and guts to take matters into her own hands. By our modern society's standards, Kira would be considered a much stronger woman than Jaesa.