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Lets say you are queuing solo and you get into a warzone with 7 other people that all had solo queued.

Now after that warzone you invite three of your teammates from that PuG team into a group and group queue them. you have now just queued a four man premade.

But what is different about those players now that they are queued together into a warzone rather than being pugged together? Their gear is the same, their skill is no different. Nothing is different they are just four players in a eight man team just like in the PuG wz they where also four players in a eight man team.

Grouping doesn't make anyone better or make winning require any less skill.

Also if your not convinced I have a very simple solution to premades

If nothing is different, if there is no gain no loss of any kind, they do not need the option to group, do they?

There is nothing inherently sound, from game design point of view, about being able to do what you describe. Form a group, any kind of group, and be matched against group with random composition. Nothing. The opposite would be closer to reality or norm, as seen in other games, competitive activities and sports.

Random player enters random game randomly, respectively the matchmaking does its magic. Group of players can be matched against another group of players, not random players. What is the problem with this suggestion? The population is too low? While its strange its too low since PvP is, according to some and maybe even majority, hmm fine lets focus on making pools deep enough then.