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Now after that warzone you invite three of your teammates from that PuG team into a group and group queue them. you have now just queued a four man premade.

But what is different about those players now that they are queued together into a warzone rather than being pugged together?
F-me, I promised myself I'd never post in these forms but this argument is so farsighted it needed addressed.

The difference is simply that one isn't going to be inviting bads to join your pre-made. Evenly distributed there should be just as many "bads" in every WZ as "goods." Forming your premade, you stack the deck due to you not inviting any "bads" and only bringing "goods." Therefore you will end up with 4 decent players before the round starts, and then pick up even MORE once the queue pops, run your 5-6 "goods" against their two and faceroll.

Grouping doesn't make anyone better
Correct. It makes sure the GROUP is going to be better.

Also if your not convinced I have a very simple solution to premades
LOL. People don't need guild tags to know they're against pre-mades. Being focused down 30K health in one GCD is more than enough.