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12.23.2011 , 08:20 AM | #7
I am a huge fan of Bioware and Dragon Age is my second favorite game (Zelda will always be my first) but I have noticed that when it comes to female romance options...they are found wanting.
Agreed, Vasdenjas. I've frequently wondered if BioWare has any females working on the romance storylines. I was hoping SWTOR would break the trend set in ME1-2/DA1 of two-dimensional, male-ego-centered romance conversation options.

As whiny as he was, Carth from KoTR had potential.

ME2's best was Garrus with Thane being a close second. Jacob annoyed me. :>
I couldn't agree more, aureliex. Thane and Garrus were the best. Jacob may be nice to look at, but I'm very tired of hearing "we have a good thing going" and not to push it. Grrr.

I'm ready to throw petulant-Kaiden in that trash compactor and space him.

My highest SWTOR toon is only 13, so apparently I have a ways to go before romance options open up