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If your scoundrel healer is less sturdy than your team's commando healer, then your scoundrel healer just sucks. Meanwhile good opponents will just shut down a commando healer from casting for 108 out of every 120 seconds. And during your precious 12 seconds when you can cast, they'll cut that in half with mezz/cc. You are to be congratulated for finding bads that stun Commando healers when they don't have their shield up. But against a good opponent, you'll get off 4 casts with your shield up (probably while eating AoE damage) and another cast while using Tech Override. 5 casts every 120 seconds. Yes, surely that's what a good pvp team is expecting from their healer...
I have to say that this right here is blatant misinformation. If you are unable to do any healing 90% of the time, stop healing and go do something else. You've clearly chosen the wrong role to play.

It's one thing to say the class is struggling, which it is, but there's no point in throwing around such ridiculous exaggerations.
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