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Ok so my burst move idea I mentioned in the AC question thread was a redesign on Mind Crush/Crushing Darkness for all ACs. More front loaded damage, shorter DoT run (i.e. significantly less than CD and ICD refresh).

This restores Mind Crush to what it was prior for the melee classes, which was a move that didn't require active maintenance to yield the vast majority of its DPS. That there is such a wonky DoT maintenance (i.e. not sharing the same duration) makes it extremely difficult to maintain at an optimal level.

The best move is to simply make maintenance irrelevant, you just hit it when it refreshes. The trick is how to balance this burst so that it doesn't make a TK Sage too powerful in PvP by having awarding them another nuke button (and perhaps Infil players using it in combination with Low Slash/Spinning Kick as a 1v1 opener). Perhaps a high-tier Balance talent to boost it?

So to recap on my ever reforming plan to modify Shadow talents & abilities:

Ability Changes:
1. Reduce damage on Shadow Strike
2. Look to boost Damage on all other Shadow-specific attacks to recompensate for SS nerf (consider a boost to Project also)
3. Mind Crush redesign with a goal of making it more of a burst move for Balance/Madness in both ACs without breaking PvP for the other damage trees.
4. New AoE damage ability with a CD to replace Whirling Blow that could behave differently for each technique (weak Internal DoT for Balance, flat Internal damage for Infil, flat Kinetic damage for KC); 25-30 force cost and balance damage to remove it from Single target rotation; consider making it short range, no upper target limit to promote viability/play style in Operations.
5. Give Balance Shadows another move or burst move (if the MC/CD change doesn't go through) so there is an enjoyable form of variety in their rotation instead of super-careful-DoT-refresh time.
6. If they're not interested in 5, consider at least an additional single-target burst damage mechanic for Balance Shadows in PvP that has an ICD and triggers on being struck with direct damage, perhaps a free Spinning Strike on a target of any health or a free off-GCD move.

Talent Changes:
1. Remove Shadow's Mark, move Upheaval to Tier 2 in its place, create new +Force Damage talent to replace Upheaval's position
2. Remove talent for extra ticks on Mind Crush; consider a flat damage increase talent for Mind Crush in a similar position to balance for all ACs.
3. If possible, peel back sub-30% talents to allow for less constraints on design requirements for Operations, look at replacing with crit talents to discourage hybrids in PvP.
4. Improve upon Mental Defence, either adding another form of DR to the talent, or making it a 1-point talent.
5. Remove Lambaste or redesign for new AoE to encourage players to spec all the way up the Balance tree in PvP.

Side note: Does Lambaste actually allow for Rippling Force to be placed on 5 targets, making Whirling Blow cost an initial 40 force, before returning up to an additional 10 force 1 second later? I remember having this thought on the PTS but never doing enough testing to confirm, and haven't bothered with it since (bad AoE is bad). If so, I guess they had the same idea in mind as what I just mentioned, but just failed in their assumptions and ultimately their design.