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07.26.2013 , 06:50 PM | #22
I look at the cartel packs in a completely different way. I see them as a way to make money to buy the stuff I want from them off of other players on the GTN. The chances of collecting all the pieces to a set via opening boxes? Yeah, not gonna happen for me. However, the fact that you can buy the items off the GTN makes it feasible to get the sets, so, buy the crates and sell the contents to get creds (or farm dailies, either way) and buy what you want. Look at it as participating in the economy, if you do it via selling pack contents you're helping other players get things they really want that you could care less about while buying that piece that you can't live without off the guy who thinks "who in their right mind wants this?" A win win for both parties, all while helping to support the game so we can continue to enjoy it.