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You're forgetting that the "Good Players" quing will not be randomly distributed between two teams that will necessarily play against each other. There are two separate factions, a Republic player will never be put with an Imperial team, and the ques will still be based on first come first serve, so if 4 good players que at the same time, they are likely to get grouped together anyway. Meaning, you're still going to have premades even with a Single-Que only bracket. Random does not equal more fair, by any measure whatsoever. It's not in any way shape or form a fix for anything and will only bring more frustration and WZ leaving to "Queue dodge" bad players you don't want be in a queue cycle with or to try and join the same WZ that your friend got into.
I've already pointed out a number of times that with the present diminishing size of the player pool, neither matchmaking nor separate queues are likely to change the situation on anything but the 2 pvp servers. I agree that they would be too easily exploited because of how few people are q'ing at a given time. That doesn't change the fact that separate queues, intelligent matchmaking and/or solo-only toggles are good ideas that would work given a healthy population and are greatly desired by the casual pvp community.

That said, the horse is already out of the barn on most servers. BW needs to give the pvpers (and potential pvpers) who left a reason to come back in numbers before any of the methods for improving balance in matches could be realistically implemented.