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To the OP, I would hesitate to call the commando a disappointment. In fact I would go so far as to say it is one of the more rewarding classes to play. Especially with the class changes in 2.0, we got sever nice touches; if you are heal spec,, kolto bomb is now an amazing HOT, which is the on;y thing we lacked before, if you are dps, the addition of electro net, (especially in pvp, but also useful in pve) and getting rid of the stacking of grav round.

Let me premise by saying that if you want an easy class that will get you good parses while being easy to play,, commando, especially, gunnery commando,, is not for you. It is a simple class to play,, but a difficult class to play well. You may have to work on your rotations, talk to other good commandos, etc for months,, but it is extremely satisfying when doing tfb hm, for example,, when in the first phase of the operator 9 fight,, you get your core down before the gunslinger on your team does, ((especially when said gunslinger has been bragging about his high parses on the dummy))

Playing a good gunnery commando is all about knowing your class, knowing your rotations,, and knowing the fights you are particapting in. Ammo management I the biggest enemy of a dps commando,, use a couple of attacks in the wrong order,, and all of a sudden you are at 0 ammo and desparately hammer shotting to regain ammo, while your dps falls FAR behind that of the gunslinger, sentinel, and shadow on your raid team.

I an far from the best commando player, and all of what I know I learned from other players,, but ill do my best to give a few tips to make your commando less of a disappointment.

First,, practice your rotations on a dummy. As I mentioned above,, our ammo system is quite unforgiving of slip-ups.
A few tips to maximize your dps on bosses,, always open with one grav round, to put the debuff on your target. ((also, if you use a boundless ages click-relic, use it b4 your opener so it comes off cd a few times over the longer boss fights.)) Use electro net off cd, as its basically free extra damage. Keep grav round debuff on target at all times, it has a 45 second debuff on target, so its super easy to keep up. Use demolition round off cd, as when it crits it hits like a truck. I also use full auto off cd. (some have asked me why I don't always wait for the curtain of fire proc,, my answer,, 90% of the time it procs b4 it comes off cd,, and if it doesn't,, its still a great ammo manager, and still does good damage.) Avoid using charged bolts and sticky grenade on single targets. For filler between these abilities,, stack 3 grav rounds to get the charged barrel buff, and let loose a high-impact bolt whenever you have full stacks of charged barrel. While doing this, watch your ammo,, you don't want to drop below 60%. Learn when to use hammershot in your rotation, just enough to maintatin ammo, but not so much that your dps suffers. Two great tools you have for ammo management are reserve powercell, (follow this with a mortar volley,, it does good damage, and th elong channel allows good time for ammo to build) and your recharge cells ability. What I do is use both off cooldown for good bursts. If I see the cd on my recharge cells is less than 10 seconds,, I burn every attack I have,, and forget about hammershot. By the time im low on ammo, RC is off cd, and I use it,, bingo, back to normal.
Use your click relic off cd if u have one.

Second, learn the fights on raid bosses, so u know when the burn phases are. Take the walker boss in ec,, or kephess in tfb. There are several burn phases. knowing how to predict these is key. If you know a burn ohase is coming in 30 seconds,, you should save your cooldowns for that. Then when the time comes, pop your relic, adrenal, hit tech overrides to give you 2 instant grav rounds, then hit the boss with everything u have. At end of burn phase, use reserve powercell plus mortar volley, followed by RC, then go back to your rotation.

Overall the key to playing commando dps is knowing your class, and knowing the fights. Don't be afraid to ask the good commandos on your server for help. Its how I learned, its how im still learning new tips and tricks. Its not easy,, but when done right, its one of the most rewarding dps classes to play. Good luck, soldier,, and see you on the front lines!
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