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Quote: Originally Posted by Ansalem View Post
heh I checked with that guy on my server he is at 20.5k pts now and climbing but too lazy to pop off a screenshot for ya and post here
"That guy" reporting in!

I'm still too lazy to keep this updated though but tell ya what if theres anyone that breaks my record just whisper me on Pot5 or send me an ingame mail to Swaggér (alt code 130) and ill post an updated pic trying to break whoever's record

but down to to the good stuff

Player Name: Swagger
Server: Prophecy of the five
Number of Achievement Points: 20 555
Unlocks: not quite sure what ya mean by this
The number of Legend Reputation ranks achieved: i have all 6 but this is hardly an accomplishment these days is it? if required i can post a screenshot of it

Will be interesting if this picks up although i know alot of people with more AP's then the currently listed they are just not forum dwellers
Let me know if anyone breaks my points

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