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Reserved for future information. Will update this section with guides to various achievements, helpful links, notes on things that can't currently be achieved, etc.

*Last updated 4/29*

Planet maps with relevant mob kills/datacrons/heroics/lore objects, etc.

Galactic Loremaster

World Boss location/level list

Datacron guide

Named NPC lists (by planet) (Search and click on comments section)

Lore list


Heroic and Bonus Series Guides

Shroud droids planetary guide

Seeker droid and macrobinocular guide

Reputation Guide
GSI dailies guide

Well Connected
Making the Connection

Gree Event Achievement Guide
Bounty Contract Week

Secret Achievement: Data Mining

Known Bugs:

Thanks in part to CrazyMcGee and other contributors in this thread. Otherwise my own observations or things I’ve seen reported on the forums.

Bug Changelog

Space: Saleucami Fleet Action still unable to be recompleted *FIXED 2.7.1*

Missing lore/beasts
Loremaster of Tatooine (History of Tatooine) *FIXED 2.4.1* Go to 1678, -3420 (Republic) or 610, 3578 (Empire).
Loremaster of Quesh (Three Families) *FIXED 2.4.1* Go to 846, -346 (look up).
Loremaster of Hoth (Caught Between Two Foes) *FIXED 2.2.2* Go to -1217, -196 (Republic only).
Loremaster of Taris (Imperial) (Rakghoul Disease) *FIXED 2.4.1* Go to -443 -362 (2nd floor).
Beastmaster of Ilum (Asharl panther, bogwing, kath hound) *FIXED 2.5.2 The Ashari panther is now avilable during the Gree event in Ilum's western ice shelf, while the bogwing can be gained by killing Young Bogwings on Belsavis near the imperial start point (or other locations), and the Kath Hound can be found on Alderaan (try 1555, 515)
Champion of Tatooine (Sand People Flayer missing) *FIXED 2.3.1*
Tyrant of Ilum! (SIS Watchman missing) *FIXED 2.3.1*
Imperial Hero of Alderaan - As of patch 2.3.3, players can no longer travel to Elysium and Shock Doctrine can no longer be completed (Thranta taxi bugs out and vanishes before reaching the top) *FIXED 2.4*

Difficult to get to lore/beasts/mobs
Korriban (Terentateck Mauler-only available from the Inquisitor questline, where you get Khem Val)
Dromand Kaas (Yozusk Platesmasher-only seems to spawn after a server restart, or when a new instance opens, and doesn't otherwise respawn after being killed)
Balmorra (Mutated Colicoid-only available from either the Inquisitor questline, or with some creative platforming)
Balmorra (Imperial side: The Invasion of Balmorra-only available within an Agent phase, past the Balmorran Arms factory in the Administrative Complex) *FIXED 2.3.2 for Imperials, in 2.3.3 for the Republic* Go to 1263, 679.
Tatooine (Sand Demon: Beastmaster of Tatooine-only available from the Jedi Knight questline in the Dune Sea)
Taris (Rakghoul Overlord: Liberator of Taris-only seems to spawn after a server restart, or when a new instance opens, and doesn't otherwise respawn after being killed)
Voss (Boss Zraska: Champion of Voss-only seems to spawn after a server restart, or when a new instance opens, and doesn't otherwise respawn after being killed)
Ilum (Tyrant of Ilum: Jedi Blademaster and Republic Sergeant are only available within the instanced one-time First Strike planetary quest)
Ilum (Liberator of Ilum: Imperial Armsmaster and Imperial Mine Captain are only available within the instanced one-time Crystal Ball planetary quest)
Coruscant - Black Sun (Achievement is for all humanoids, but only strong mobs actually count) *FIXED* in 2.3.3 Standard mobs now count toward completion
*Coruscant – Liberator of Coruscant (Teven Liss’ard can only be spawned as part of the Freightskipper Fracasmission mission)
*Tython – The training droid achievement is available from a one-time quest only

*Teven Liss’ard and the training droids kills can still be counted for achievements even if summoned by a non-party member. Just let lowbies summon them, agro them, and then you can kill the mobs. Their quest and your achievement should still update themselves.

*You can group with lowbies to complete some of these

Open world PvP
Defense turrents in the Black Hole area can auto-kill players before they ever have a chance to engage the turrents. See this thread. *WORKAROUND - Just killing turrents on Corelia will update this achievement without having to enter the Black Hole area.

Chapter 1 of the Agent achievement doesn’t unlock fully if players completed Act 1 pre-2.0, but will unlock if players complete Act 1 later than 2.0. *FIXED 2.2.3*

If you had partial progress on the HK quest prior to patch 2.3.3, it has been reset entirely. Please contact CS to (hopefully) get your progress on the quest reverted to what it was.

World Bosses
Quesh - Killing Rogue Cartel Warbot doesn't grant the achievement (WORKAROUND - It's possible to get the achievement, you just need a few geared 55s that can destroy the bot before it self-destructs, minus 10% you have 5 seconds to burn 80k before it's too late)

Flashpoints and Operations
Foundry - Killing Revan (since he doesn’t “die?”) does not grant achievement the Foundry. Not granted retroactively either. *FIXED 2.2.3* (Now, killing Revan once actually gives Foundry Finisher/Advanced FF/Elite FF achievements in one shot)
Kaon Under Siege - Sometimes doesn't give the achievement for the Rakghoul Behemoth or the bonus boss droid
Operations - 8M HM sometimes gives 16M SM achievements, while 16M sometimes doesn’t always give achievements. I can verify that this happens in EC and EV 8M HMs, while others report 16M not giving out proper achievements for older ops. *FIXED* for EC ONLY in 2.3.2
NiM EV - Pylons, Council, and Soa don't give achievements upon completion (16m does seem to work, though?)
NiM KP - Survived Foreman Crusher doesn't give an achievement upon completion
EC 16m SM - The Vorgath achievement only updates when you kill Kephess and incorrectly lists two required kills for Kephess *FIXED??* in 2.3.2 EDIT - There still appear to be some issues with Vorgath on 16m NiM and unlocking some other achievements
False Emperor - The Jindo Krey achievement apparently doesn't unlock/advance if he is killed by his shield rather than the player (Work around: When he's low on health, don't bother with the turrent, as this will cause his shield to go up--when the shield drops it takes a portion of his health and apparently won't award the achievement when killed by this and not the player).
Dread Fortress HM - Multiple reports of HM Brontes randomly not granting the achievement for defeating her (affects entire raid group). Seems to work fine sometimes and not others.

Galactic Star Fighter
The General Crew achievement resets upon log out. This resetting does not affect progress toward The Gang's All here. *FIXED 2.6*
Technician and Advanced: Technician appear to be bugged to award 0 points upon completion (should award 5 and 10 points respectively)

Explorer of Coruscant - Some players have trouble getting this achievement to unlock, even with 100% explored, if the Jedi Temple exploration is not completed prior to finishing all other areas
Explorer of Black Hole - Appears to be bugged to award 0 points as of 2.6 (a loss of 10 points from Dailies)

Missing speeders?
-Dessler Explorer *FIXED* (Added 2.3, drops from a rare spawn on CZ-198)
-Dessler Nomad *FIXED* (Added 2.3.2) Rare 55 HM FP drop
-Tirsa Champion *FIXED* (Added 2.2.2) Purchasable from the Space Combat Reputation Vendor (requ. Legend)
-Praxon Aether *FIXED 2.4.1* Purchasable from the Bounty Broker's Association (requ. Legend and 50 completed bounty contracts)
-Praxon Tracmaster *FIXED* Purchasable from the Voss Reputation Vendor (requ. Legend)

Rhythm Augmentation Droid (only available from the security key vendor)
Tirsa Prime (only available from the VIP vendor)
Longspur Collector (does not update as complete for some players when all speeders are collected)
Aratech Collector (some players have issue with the Aratech Nethian not updating the achievement)
Social Armor (may not unlock if you had some social armor sets prior to 2.0)

Kill it with Fire (Marakin kills aren’t updated)
Making the Connection (Some patterns are unobtainable) *FIXED 2.2.3?*
Tyrant/Liberator of Makeb (No way to get to the rancor within the cage without using creative mechanics)

Alderan Civil War: 100,000 damage taken doesn’t update
Hutball: 10 deaths doesn’t update (Actually requires 15 deaths, not the listed 10--see this screenshot)