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@Lady-Jean I love the piece with Master Sellani trying to get through to Maldecka. And...
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Orgus laughed, "I always wondered when a woman would come between us. I never figured she'd be seven."
So Orgus Din, and too funny.
And then, d'aww, the pictures were touching.
And what a stinger on the last one!

@Selentar, you get Lokin and Kaliyo so well. A rogue's gallery they may be, but they're professionals, too.

@sthrift, haha, poor Torian!
Corso as a hand-dish-washer? Yup. And individually towel-dried to be stacked away neatly after. And of course he's as careful of his women as he is of his dishes.

@Striges, I love Toothy's story. When I was much younger than I am now I adopted a large garden spider in an angle of the house; I adored it. I thought its laying an egg sac was the coolest thing ever, but was then heartbroken when it turned out that that was the last stage of its natural life cycle. How much harder it must be for a critter you've had a year or more to get attached to.

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'Art museums aren't free, you know,' she ends with a crafty wink.

'Actually, Captain, they are,' Corso corrects with a tight and prudent frown
Dammit, Corso...only where you're from.
It must be a singular torture to be shacking up in a ship with that much...history. Especially when the other person won't let you forget it.
The Voss piece was intense.
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