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Hello Dark Mosaic GM here. We are still looking for like minded casual players for both our LS guild Mosaic as well as Dark Mosaic our ds guild.

We might be on the small side, but our guild has some of the nicest players. We are helpful and just want anyone to have a good time. There are no requirements other than to remember that at the end of the day this is just a game and we have a life outside of it. We *do* have weekly guild events that anyone that wants to participate can join us for a night of fun.

I am an altoholic with 14 characters at the moment. At any given time I can be found under one of them.
on dark side I have: Thollyn, Verili, Ammenius, Droxi, Daskari, and Ced'ek. Lately I've been playing either Thollyn or Ammenius
over on light side I have Thwynn, Veeleri, Esmoru, Jaystavi, Lantala, Theresei, and Icariss. I'm focusing on Thwynn and Jaystavi at the moment.

I would be interested in joining your guild. My main is a low 40s trooper named Noltia. Looking to join a guild to better experience extra-game content and to have a good time.
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