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sure not as high as op/sconndrel HPS but they are far sturdier than the other classes, 3 dps can eat **** and die tryna pound away on my mando in PvP and i just out heal them and watch then die as my team mops them up. mandos are not a disappointment the only disappointment is ur lack to apply urself to the class and rather come here and QQ cause u leveld a toon to 55 and cant 1 shot kill everything and anything u Tab too.
If your scoundrel healer is less sturdy than your team's commando healer, then your scoundrel healer just sucks. Meanwhile good opponents will just shut down a commando healer from casting for 108 out of every 120 seconds. And during your precious 12 seconds when you can cast, they'll cut that in half with mezz/cc. You are to be congratulated for finding bads that stun Commando healers when they don't have their shield up. But against a good opponent, you'll get off 4 casts with your shield up (probably while eating AoE damage) and another cast while using Tech Override. 5 casts every 120 seconds. Yes, surely that's what a good pvp team is expecting from their healer...