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Dont level a Slinger if you want to play Commando, plain and simple. I too have a dusty Level 50 Slinger sitting around somewhere, but dont mention this to anyone

Maybe, maybe not. I haven seen enough of Kelsara enrages with my own parses to have a real opinion about it. But the fact remains, other classes can do more with less skill and gear. No way around that. But thats no reason to beach your Commando, just take it as a challenge.
Yeah I might just leave my slinger where it is, but I actually love that class too =/

And among the "hybrid DPS" classes (you know, every class not slinger or sent) we both know commando has some pretty high potential. You could probably, almost certainly, do more damage with less skill and gear on sniper, but what about say operative? Or shadow? Or Guardian? Bad examples perhaps, yet that's 3 of the 6 non pure DPS classes. I guess what I'm saying is that while I have to acknowledge that we aren't currently in the absolute top tier DPS, we are solidly in the second tier and that's more than enough in my opinion to justify our raid spot, at least in the current iteration.
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