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I'm sorry I'm a casual casual im mean I don't like guilds and joining planned events.

I join the game and place myself on Group finder and now that I hit lvl 55, I can't join the "old" operations normally and have to find players. This is backwords thinking.

I don't understand why bioware just doesn't create a seperate tier of lvl 50's operations as the "hardmodes" are still there.

I don't just hang out in fleet /general for groups...I have stuff to do like dailies, gree events.. binocular quest etc.

Im sure the majority of players want this...maybe except the guilds and "elitist".

I honestly don't think Bioware putting another section in the GF is going to help you find people.

I'm in a Guild, and I like running the Classic Ops, but right now everyone is so caught up in the race to get 69, 72, and now, 75 gear, that they just aren't interested in those ops right now, partially because the rewards aren't there.
Tanks and Healers are going to be really hard to find because they are in such high demand for the level 55 content with Healers even higher priority than Tanks.

Sorry if that bothers you, but that's how it is.....
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