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I know the Debate is dead and closed but I missed this one playing the game and spending less time on the forums.....................
GO-TO goes into hiding
Traya dies of old age
The end

Not to mention GO-TO has something tat Traya does not have , loyalty and most likely during this fight at one point or another a repeat of Scion and Nihilus will happen in which Traya might die to that time .

Go on and hate me now !
It fills me with POWWWWERRRRR !!!
Yes this debate is over, and its unfortunate that you missed it.

But without getting dragged back in Traya's forces are the more loyal. She has an army of Sith slaves bound to her will, former Jedi whose minds have been broken into subservience and Sith who are dedicated to their lords - bound by Sith Codes and all that. G0-T0 on the other hand has a bunch of well payed guns, powerful guns, but excluding the HK units only as loyal as the size of their credit stacks.

P.S. Sion and Nihilus did not participate in this battle. And I am planning on a new series so stick around for the summer.