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06.17.2013 , 07:08 AM | #8
I share your dislike of some skills. Specialy on republic classes im seeing some "ugly" skill animations, the Bounty Hunter gets a cool flamethrower and the trooper gets, well, the shock thing that its called pulse cannon, other skill: the bounty hunter gets an single target flamethrower (flame burst) and the trooper gains a, well.. a taser gun!! Why not use "overload shot" (imp agent skill) animation instead? A blaster rifle that you only fire regular blaster fire between rotations... sad. I was searching for a trooper that could be agile, blow things, and kill stuff using regular gun shots, ended up by using imperial agent .
Another cool skills: bounty hunter has rocket punch (a cool horiuken stile skill) and retractable blade (wolverine/robocp style) and trooper? Get a stockstrike and a knife strike? I was looking for more cool stuff...
I know that many people may have diferent opnions, and many ppl may like the animations/fx of the skills, im just expressing my opnion that, for a blaster trooper it almost dont "blaste" things!