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Hotwired <Nano>
Character Class: Commando

Character Spec: Gunnery 5/36/5 2552 2562

Character Spec: Assault 1/12/33 2384 2432 2437

63 MH and averaging 66 modding
Set bonus is the old 15% crit & 8 less ammo cost on HiB
Haven't run enough ops since 2.0 to alter to 30% crit or the full new set bonus.

Not really following you on validating the parse but I can provide multiple consistent parses.

Technically Assault is hitting harder than Gunnery but you won't know it til you're in a raid.
Is none of this legit?

Niman, Tomb of Freedon Nadd, The Red Eclipse, Darth Malgus

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