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This is a perfect example of why I am so disappointed that Disney wont be using the EU as the basis for their new movies. To me the EU is Star Wars, because lets face it, even the original trilogy movies aren't all that good, even Empire. The books are far more entertaining than the movies ever were, and things like this are rarely up for debate.

As for the fights in question, I always assumed that Sidious had let Windu get the upper hand in order to pull Anakin into his corner. He had dangled the tidbit of possibly saving Padme as a reason for Anakin to not want him to die, so he drew Anakin into a confrontation where he would either have to see him die or betray the Jedi.

As for Yoda and Sidious, I believe that the darkness clouding everything line refers to things like visions of the longer term future, not to the short term combat precognition. Otherwise, any time a Sith and a Jedi would fight, the Jedi would always be at a disadvantage. It could be argued that Sidious was that much more powerful than Yoda and that was why he could obscure his intent of attack from Yoda, but from just the movie it is hard to make that argument. The book could be used to make this case obviously, which goes back to my original complaint.

As for the clones killing the Jedi, that had nothing to do with Sidious blocking out the clones intent. It was a combination of several things, the Jedi trusted the clones completely and Order 66 just sort of flipped a switch that likely didn't even register emotionally to the clones and wouldn't be as easy for a Jedi to pick up on. Beyond that, there were large groups of clones firing on single Jedi (at least as seen in the movie, alot of EU Jedi escaped the carnage often operating in groups). That many beings firing on the Jedi would not only overload any ability to see the future in order to react, but would also limit their options to react. A light saber can't be everywhere at once, and fire from that many directions would not be blockable and posibly not even avoidable (baring a jump straight up but then you are still being tracked by numerous weapons).