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I don't understand really the dislike of the sith inquisitor story. I played and assassin and found it actually quite interesting a few twists and turn arounds during the end. I've seen the full story of the Sith warrior and that was alright but nothing really like the inquisitor. (trying my best not to spoil the story for the people that didn't play it) For the most part the sith inquisitor is primarily in search of power to become stronger , pretty much like any other of the sith. Along doing so you find that you're putting yourself in a hole each time,so while your doing your objective as a sith going to the planets and fighting off the republic you have to find ways to overcome the people that are trying to kill you. By doing so you have to find new ways of becoming powerful,and in doing so later on you find yourself having a problem which then you have to find a way to overcome that. It all pays off in the end and your awarded. Unlike the Bounty hunter or the sith warrior, where your just in the service of someone doing favors and / or a personal hitman, the inquisitor is just trying to do their job but they wind up getting distracted and having to overcome that roadblock in order to keep going further because if they don't then they get wiped clean off with an excuse with a tissue.