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I enjoyed Chapter One, because I saw the reasoning behind it, and the fact that it's pretty much a given that all but the most Light-ish of characters would do exactly the same for exactly the same reason. And the SI would probably be more likely to succeed at it, knowing how it failed the first time. I, too enjoyed playing an alien SI (Mirialan) - it's apparent that no one takes her seriously (save perhaps Spindrall, and only because he seemingly has abilities as an oracle of some sort - I was disappointed that we didn't get to see more of him - he was the closest thing to a friend the SI gets).

The ghosts...not bad. I didn't mind that part of the story. The subsequent parts on Belsavis and Voss just irritated me (Voss especially, a particular pain as it was otherwise one of my favorite planets). I got to the point where I landed on Corellia, and then rapidly lost interest. I'm already level 52, and I still haven't progressed on Corellia, I find the story so incredibly pointless. The storyline has become a chore, and I don't mean fight difficulties. It's like getting off my duff to go clean the laundry room - I know it needs to be done, but it's a royal pain to muster the enthusiasm to go and do it. And sitting down to wade through the storyline is akin to picking up my family's badly-aimed dirty garments - it'll be better once it's over, but doing it is annoying.

I liked Khem Val and Talos Drellik. Apart from them, the companions for the SI can all take a long walk out a short airlock. Their stories are boring and their personalities are dreadful (Xalek's story is okay...just okay). I apologize if this seems harsh, but the SI gets massively shortchanged by way of companions. Romance options are awful, regardless of which way the Inquisitor swings - it feels like the SI's romances were done dead last, and the writers had exhausted all their creativity by the time they'd come to that point when creating romanceable companions.

I admit I have not seen the final moments of the SI story. I am very much hoping it gets better in the end, because right now, doing the story is like eating processed unsalted Quaker Oats. Dry.