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05.02.2013 , 07:04 PM | #57
I play on the Harbinger, and for the most part .. I rarely even look at general chat. I notice some people here and there trolling - but for the most part people will eat them alive for starting crap (Jurassic Jawa go go!)

But from what I know from experience (I used to play SWG and I still play WoW). As people have stated - the loudest are the complainers and jerks. While I don't like to compare - WoW can have horrendous communities (although in this case - it depends on the server. Mine is really bad when it comes to trolls and racial remarks).

And while you can ignore, report, blacklist, ect. as many people as you want - there will always be more of them. Its not really something a company can control - all they can do is set the rules and hope enough people follow them or at least report the bad guys.
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