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05.02.2013 , 01:19 PM | #56
I played the first month that this game came out... and it really didn't get my interest too much, so I cancelled before my first billing.

I came back last month, and am really enjoying it. I am even trying out PvP, which I pretty much hate in any other game.

But as for the community. I Would say it wasn't too bad compared to WoW (which is probably the worse). But not as good as the community in EQ2. I would say it's somewhere in between.

As for those pompous asses... I just Ignore them. And there's certain triggers that get an automatic ignore in my book. and those are those who call people noobs, etc...

I don't mind the chat discussing current events, etc... but to slam on someone for asking a question, or to not offer any meaningful feedback... that's what makes a bad community.