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I had a guy yelling at me because he thought I was healing a droid enemy
I'd freak out to if I'm tanking a droid boss, and my healer turns on me and starts healing the boss instead. I would probably turn around and Rocket Punch you. /sarcasm

I, myself, have had pretty good luck with who I play with. I have had some people that get really crappy. Like "Spacebar....Spacebar..... SPACEBAR PLZ......................OMG SPACEBAR DAMMIT"

However I fancy myself one of the 10% that are helpful. I have lent Guildmates credits, or even bought them stuff from the GTN that their F2P credit limit didn't allow them to buy. I have explained Ops to people without getting rude, and I have helped people with quests if they needed it. However, If someone isn't doing their job in the group, and we wipe more than we should I'm going to 1)***** at them and give them a chance to fix it. 2) Leave the group, que for another. 3) Vote to kick that person from the group.