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OFFTOPIC: how do you get your parse to show only the actual boss fight of the encounter? i've noticed some people can do this as well. for example golden fury, operations chief and olok the shadow. your torparse/statistics log shows

Began at Olok (P2)
20:55:09.948 Evrydayimsmggln enters combat.
20:55:09.966 Evrydayimsmggln loses Sprint.
20:55:09.970 Evrydayimsmggln gains 100 threat on Olok the Shadow.
20:55:10.444 Evrydayimsmggln activates Speed Shot.

whereas mine shows (P1)
20:29:00.409 B'oarder enters combat.
20:29:00.447 B'oarder loses Sprint.
20:29:01.414 B'oarder activates Orbital Strike.
20:29:03.053 B'oarder gains 1000 threat on Bodyguard.
20:29:03.211 B'oarder gains 1000 threat on Bodyguard.
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