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In all reality, the extra 2 ticks will be situational to the raid in comparison to the loss of stats in the long run.
Yep you are right. There is a follow-up to his post in the previous page
would have to look solely at the single target dps of the ability.
That is what we're trying to see and hoping people would parse this out and post their logs

Furthermore we would have to make sure OS is cast with enough time to finish (What happens if the CD of the ability comes off with the transition timing clipping the last 2 ticks?)
Imo it's effectiveness single target will solely be dependent on the player and how well he/she can squeeze 5 orbital ticks in in between raid and boss mechanics. Will definitely require some active pre-emptive raiding! That is why to keep things more objective, we are trying to talk (and will determine in a bit after people parse it) if in current content,

5 ticks of Orbital is more single target DPS than ~40 Cunning on a single target sustained training dummy fight.

Another thing to note, if the idea is to keep the X2 2 piece bonus we will be loosing more cunning in the next tier of gear.
IF in next tier of gear the Cunning loss goes up to an extent that will make 5 ticks of orbital on a single target obsolete, then we can swap our gear.
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