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In all reality, the extra 2 ticks will be situational to the raid in comparison to the loss of stats in the long run. For instance; in our raid (of which smuggling is a part of) we have 5 Gunslingers, 1 dps scoundrel and 2 scoundrel healers. That is 6 OS' on add groups and 8 if healers don't need to heal. For our 16 man we would have to look solely at the single target dps of the ability. Furthermore we would have to make sure OS is cast with enough time to finish (What happens if the CD of the ability comes off with the transition timing clipping the last 2 ticks?)

Another thing to note, if the idea is to keep the X2 2 piece bonus we will be loosing more cunning in the next tier of gear. The only two specs that could potentially maintain it would be MM or Engineering (I am ignoring the hybrid due to energy costs).
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