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I'm assuming that this thread is a troll, because no one can be that arrogant. The best PVE'ers and the best PvP'ers have the same amount of skill. Great raiders and great pvp'ers will be good at both, because they are skilled players. It is that simple. However, "hardcore" pvp'ers love to claim that pvp is somehow much more difficult because you go against other human players. That is true if you have two teams of very skilled players. However, 90% of the time warzones are filled with absolutely terrible players. Most players in this game have no idea how to play their classes. You really don't have to be that skilled to win a ranked pvp match. All you have to do is be better than the other team. However, in pve, you have to be better than the AI which is a static skill/gear check. I would say that clearing the hardest raid content is harder than winning a ranked pvp match.

If you think that pve doesn't have dumb pvp'ers who come in and mess everything up, you haven't experienced the following:

1. DPS that run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

2. Tanks that guard healers when the dps are pulling threat.

3. Tanks that don't pick up the strongest mobs first and dps that don't pick up the weaker mobs, letting the healer die and then blaming the healer.

4. Players that don't research the mechanics or ask for an explanation saying, "Well, its pve so it must be easy I can wing it" then die to the mechanics and then rage quit blaming the tank and/or healer.

My point is that there are bad players regardless if they pvp or pvp. It doesn't mean that you will suck at pvp if you mainly pve or vice versa. You will be pretty good at both if you are skilled. You will be pretty bad at both if you are not skilled.
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