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05.01.2013 , 03:29 PM | #53
First of all, most of you criticizing Wow because it's the trend (and it proves that this community is stupid, pointing out imaginary problems on other games instead of reconsidering its own actions). Yall don't know **** about Wow , whose community is way better than swtor's and has SUPERVISION....this is my transition to the second point.

You can't totally control people but you can offer supervision to lower the risks. And Eaware didn't do anything about it.

This game management is a total fail, and that's why a lot of people leaving (cf other topics)

And yes I can post still, because I was preferred before, but I'm glad I don't play anymore.

PS : I don't play Wow anymore so save your words. With this amount of stupidity I'm expecting some "then **** and go play wow newb"