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05.01.2013 , 02:26 PM | #52
Really IMO its pointless to come onto a forum and complain about something NO COMPANY has control over. If people want to be a jerk or idiot, they can, and will be.

Its also not the reason why people leave. If this were true WoW would have never reached the subscription level it has reached. You think things are bad here, Try going over there. Theres a reason they made a Tshirt that says "I survived Barrens chat"

And adding a thread like this one only adds to such nonsense. As if anyone can do anything about the actions of some player other than banning him for violating rules. You can't reasonably add in a EULA that says "you must play nice or get the banhammer" they would never reach the sub levels neccessary to push the game forward at all.