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Things seem to now be back to where they were before the 2.0 patch. Random PUG teams consisting of casual players and casual guilds are often up against single or dual premades from competitive guilds. Since the matching system doesn't seem able to produce a cohesive team the matches are entirely lopsided. While the premade has tank/heals/dps the random pug team is usually dps based and most times lacking any healers.

I don't know if the devs are still entertaining the notion that a randomly thrown together players can out perform an organized team but if this were poker it would be like the premade knowing it always has a full house while the the pug team draws it's from the deck.
Yep. Still a pretty big problem that the queue really fails to have any kind of matchmaking system. I'll say it's a little better than it was pre-2.0, simply because the gear advantage isn't what it once was. I'm not seeing 14k health sorcs going up against 28k warriors for instance. That's not to say there still isn't a small gear (or bolster) advantage going on, but it's not making lopsided matches even more lopsided.