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Juste pour info
Thx to Gyronamics

PTS subforum is being wiped today. This may be worth saving for reference.

Chart of results:

A = 2.0 Augments
B = 2.0 Biochem items
72 = L72 Main or Offhand

Rules were:

Level 55 Operations dummy, fleet or ship
No interference from other classes e.g. armour debuff
Info on DPS tree used/Hybrid split
5 mins + of parse, the end can be cropped but not the start
Declare PTS Biochem and Augmentation
Declare 69 or 72 power gearing

Read this developer reply on why DPS is what it is for each class:


2727 DPS Gunnery/Arsenal: A B 72
2660 DPS Gunnery/Arsenal: B
2567 DPS Assault/Pyrotech: A B


2741 DPS Hybrid: A B
2592 DPS Tactics/Advanced Powertech: A B
2546 DPS Assault/Pyrotech: A B


2661 DPS Telekinetics/Lightning: A B
2610 DPS Balance/Madness: A B
2502 DPS Hybrid: A B


2438 DPS Balance/Madness: A B
2401 DPS Infiltration/Deception: A B
2203 DPS Hybrid: A


2524 DPS Vigilance/Vengeance:
2515 DPS Focus/Rage: B


2826 DPS Watchman/Annihilation: A B 72
2704 DPS Watchman/Annihilation: A B
2655 DPS Combat/Carnage: A B
Focus/Rage - needs parses


2520 DPS Dirty Fighting/Lethality: B
2512 DPS Scrapper/Concealment: B


2951 DPS Saboteur/Engineering: *requires unusual circumstances
2742 DPS Hybrid: A B
2627 DPS Sharpshooter/Marksman:
2540 DPS Dirty Fighting/Lethality:
2467 DPS Saboteur/Engineering:
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