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04.10.2013 , 12:16 AM | #62
He is right about Madness Assassins' DPS potential. I don't think it continued with scaling, but there was a point where madness assassins output more theoretical DPS in sims than any other spec of any class. Stands to reason that, played well, he could put up very high numbers.

TC, here's my advice to you: the enrage timers and mechanics in this game, assuming proper gear (and itemization matters more than gear "level"), are not so tight that, in 2.0 terms, a group without 2 annimaras (highest melee parse), 1 lightning sorc (2nd highest range parse, most range aoe) and 1 arsenal merc (highest range parse, armor debuff) can't complete the content and complete it easily (assuming the players are skilled).

If your guild is actually chucking you over a theoretical class nerf that isn't going to make progression impossible (or even difficult), they've got no attachment to you as a person. Do you really want to spend so much time in any given week with people like that? I wouldn't.

So here's what you do. You reroll a class that interests you in a role you're not used to playing. But not in guild. With that toon, you shop around. Find another progression guild that recruits lowbies. If by the time you hit 55, your current guild still won't give you a shot, you start raiding with the new toon in that one. Don't like them? Drop guild. Advertise on the forums or the fleet as an experienced, but less-than-ideally geared MMO player (mdps 4/4 NiM EC, etc). Or do warzones unguilded. If you're good enough, you'll get noticed. Do test runs with other guilds.

You'll find another progression guild that isn't so quick to disregard a skilled player just because he's of a class that's perceived as sub-optimal. And hey, maybe they will like you instead of being a bunch of ******es who see you as a hamburgering widget instead of a person.

When you find a fit, pull your toons out of your current guild and into the new one and forget about the old people as they forgot about you.