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I agree, I do think though puting in a sage dps or adding a vanguard tank could work.

Far as the others guess it would be preference more than anything, some guilds won't be comfortable rolling any other spec that is unproven due to pride.

That would not be my method, but whatever floats your boat.
The Vanguard tank and dps are both out
Pyro is out as CGC dot was nerfed to the ground
RS armor pen was nerfed
TD/AP was turned into a dot with a time delay
All three pyro dots are cleanseable (TD can be cleansed before it even goes off)
Tactic/AP is probably better now due to higher utility and better survive ability

As for Van Tanks their utility is better but the stat return nerf on shield, absorb, and armor plus the removal of 6% shield from tree plus the increased dps from all classes put shield spec TTK down
The spec's reliance on shield procs for both its dps and mitigation makes it vulnerable to upfront burst.
1v1 a carnage maur could take down my van before my HIB came off cd from the fight's start

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