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It was bugged enough for noone to post anything creditable about classes incoming in 2.0.

People was coming on the forums left and right with opiniosn how a class will pan out in 2.0 because they dueled each other and used test dummies in pts.

What funny with that method is that is not real pvp and forsure not the right calculations you want to bring on a forum and expect people to take you serious.

I gott nothing else to say about it, if people want to believe the sky is red and never went outside then go ahead.
it was bugged for no more than a week. i was able to do close to 50 warzones post Bolster bug.

which imo, was more than enough for me to get a feel for commando balance in PvP come 2.0. which also means that others would have been able to do enough warzones to get solid opinions of other classes.
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