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Does anyone in this entire game prefer sorted by "difficulty" rather than "level"? Especially considering that if you sort it by level, the difficult ones will STILL be on top!
Yeah, the sorting default is a bit nonsensical. I think it's left over from when they only sorted by difficulty... which is not really a relevant statistic except when you're leveling the skill, and even then, it's usually the highest leveled items.

Speaking of levels though... it seems like in addition to all that rakata junk, the high level crafters ought to be able to craft really awesome items for levels 1-10. It seems silly that you don't get crafting until level 9 at the earliest, and the items you can craft then are ok, but by the time you can make better versions of them, you're several levels beyond needing them. Instead, they should have maxxed out crafters able to craft items for lower levels. They could even be Bind to Legacy.

At the very least, it would make sorting by difficulty make sense again.